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the croshay lady [userpic]

I'm in search of a local crocheter for piece work, hats mostly.

this is a long term opportunity for an experienced crafter to earn income from home, the main requirements are that you are reliable, trustworthy and as much of a perfectionist as I am ;)

contact croshay@gmail.com if you are interested, or come see me down at the Pike Place Market on Sunday.. please send a link or bring some samples of your crochet work.

Laura Killoran
Croshay Design

Croshay Design

Hi Laura I am a big fan of yours and have some of your hat patterns. I make hats for the homeless and enjoy all of the patterns that I have. What I want to ask you is you have ever considered doing a book with the techniques that you use to make your hats. I would love to know how you blend in the different colors so that they meld together and how you weave in your ends things like that. I am sure that there are lots of people who wonder how you do it and I know it is something that comes naturally to a designer but us peons would love to at least have a taste of your genius.