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Yarn/Fabric/Craft Supply Sale! NE Seattle - 10am 7/25

Do you love really pretty yarn? Do you make things out of nifty fabric? Do you live near Seattle? Come to our Yarn Sale!

Saturday, July 25th
starting at 10:00 a.m.
9504 40th Avenue NE, Seattle, 98115

A few weeks back found some friends discussing our yarn stashes. They are, not unexpectedly, breathtaking in scope and ability to fill storage room in our houses. So we hatched a plan to have a yard sale for our yarn. We'll also be selling some fabric yardage and collections of viable remnants.

We'll have lots and lots of yarn for sale. We've been discussing amounts in terms of multiples of lawn bag sizes. And this is good yarn too, yarn that simply couldn't be left behind but we've come to painfully realize won't be made into anything while it's in our care. We have plenty of matched dye lot yarn in amounts large enough to make a sweater. There is lots of nice non-wool yarn, and two of the sellers used to work for a yarn store so you know there has to be some special stuff in there.

If you see any of us buying yarn from somebody else's table please, stop us. We need to be stopped.

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